Lehtijuttuja ja sensemmoisia (teemana Bruce)

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Re: Lehtijuttuja ja sensemmoisia (teemana Bruce)

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Rolling Stonen mukaan New Jersyen osavaltio julista eilen 23.9. Bruce Springsteen -päiväksi. Tässä kopipeistattu osa jutusta:
TODAY, SEPTEMBER 23, marks Bruce Springsteen’s 74th birthday, and with it the inaugural “Bruce Springsteen Day” in the state of New Jersey.

Back in April, Gov. Phil Murphy announced plans to designate September 23 as the official “Bruce Springsteen Day” to celebrate “the voice of the Garden State.”

“Bruce Springsteen is one of the most recognizable, iconic and influential musicians — and New Jerseyans — of all time,” Gov. Murphy said at the time. “It is important that we recognize Bruce for all he has done and will continue to do, from giving us the gift of his music to lending his time to the causes close to his heart, including making the Archives and Center for American Music a repository that will inspire tomorrow’s songwriters and singers.”
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Re: Lehtijuttuja ja sensemmoisia (teemana Bruce)

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Soundi lehdestä huomasin, että Bruce on ollut lavalla Stand Up For Heroes tapahtumassa.
https://www.soundi.fi/uutiset/bruce-spr ... suhteissa/
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